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clash of lords 2

A Must Play Game: Clash of Lords 2

IGG’s classic, Clash of Lords 2, is back and it’s better than ever. Not content to merely dress up the graphics and release an updated version of the original, developers took the time to create an original and exciting game. Although there is very little customizability available in the interface, most of the preset functions are the very picture of efficiency. With a touch of a button you can shift around the battlefield, issuing orders while still remaining in the heart of an engrossing battle.

In fact, Clash of Lords 2 has emerged as one of the most addictive and approachable games to grace the mobile platform in a long while. The story is a bit far-fetched but extremely well portrayed and translates into a solid premise.

During the first few missions on the side, players are gradually eased into Clash of Lords’ seamless mix of real-time strategy and action, and from there, chances are you’ll be hooked. You begin with a bio-metal Recycler, which is the most basic of all the construction units, and from there you’ll build base defenses, scavenge scraps of bio-metal, and construct new vehicles.

The action is exceptionally easy to control from your tank’s cockpit, adhering to the basic principles of most first-person shooters. Clash of Lords 2 uses a combination of gestures and touch screen controls; the only problem is the lack of fully mapable keys. But once you’ve learned the default keys, you’ll be good to go. You may want to get free tips & tricks on Clash of Lords to on this site right here.

Your arsenal consists of a wide range of offensive vehicles that run the gambit from well-armored tanks to fast scout craft; the enemy’s vehicles run the same range. Using the simple interface, you can build a base, order your troops to hunt down enemies, or just hang out and look for targets to eradicate. The main things that separate Clash of Lords 2 tactics from those of most real-time strategy games are that you can’t have more than ten offensive and defensive vehicles under your command at once, and each vehicle requires a driver. When the vehicle is crushed, mauled, or just generally fubared, the pilot is ejected and must run back to your base. Needless to say, these pedestrians are ripe targets for enemy vehicles cruising for some violent entertainment.

The seamless integration of the action and strategy genres combined with a sleek interface and intense action make Clash of Lords 2 a must-have for any gaming fanatic. So what are you waiting for?