clash of lords 2

IGG’s classic, Clash of Lords 2, is back and it’s better than ever. Not content to merely dress up the graphics and release an updated version of the original, developers took the time to create an original and exciting game. Although there is very little customizability available in the interface, most of the preset functions […]


A bi-weekly financial magazine for “top executives,” Zaikai (check the website here) recently conducted a lengthy interview with Hiroshi Yamauchi, president of Nintendo Japan and the man in charge of all things Nintendo. Yamauchi has always believed that a game needs to focus on gameplay rather than graphics. He said in the answer to the […]


We cannot picture League of Legends or Dota 2 ever appearing on consoles. Possibly if Microsoft gets serious about its control to support for the Xbox One you might watch it take place, but the most famous MOBA games just may not be developed around the common home gaming console set-up. But that doesn’t mean […]